The MSA is now Motorsport UK

By Chairman • November 13th, 2018

Message from the CEO of Motorsport UK

Dear Colleague,

You will have seen that the governing body of motorsport in the UK has changed its name and identity. We are now Motorsport UK.

While the name ‘MSA’ is well understood within our own community, we are aware that beyond the sport, it is less well known. Through 2018, we have spent a good deal of time and research understanding what we, as the sport’s custodian and administrator, stand for in the UK.

Given the wider popularity of motorsport beyond our direct competitors, volunteers and stakeholders, it is evident that we need to strike a chord with broader audiences. Hence the move to a simple expression of who we are and what we do.

But our rebranding is about so much more than a new name and logo. It marks the start of an ambitious new phase for motorsport in this country.  Please click here for a copy of our new Motorsport UK strategy, a living-breathing document that we intend to be at the core of our focus and efforts going forward. And one that will evolve over the coming months; with planned dialogue between all of our stakeholders.

It represents a fundamental repurposing of the organisation, from one focused purely on the governance and legislation of motorsport, to one that places the promotion of the sport and customer service to our members at the front and centre of everything we do

In summary, we will continue to:

  • Represent the sport’s interests to Government
  • Regulate and protect the integrity of motorsport in the UK
  • Be committed to providing a safe environment in which to enjoy motorsport
  • Deliver our responsibility to safeguard the sport
  • Provide a framework to nurture the performance elite programme.

Beyond this, we will increase our energy and focus on promoting the sport to new audiences, and delivering greater value to our members via;

  • Promoting grass roots motorsport as affordable entry points
  • Using technology and legislation to reduce the cost of motorsport
  • Removing the layers of unnecessary bureaucracy; making governance and regulations simpler and clearer
  • Developing and deploying the highest standards of education and training
  • Making it easier for under represented groups to enjoy motorsport
  • Ensuring that there is a clear sustainable future for the sport.

It is evident there is no quick fix to many of these challenges, however, we have renewed energy and purpose to effect positive change for good and provide greater relevance to a wider community.

I very much hope that you too will play your part in joining and supporting us on our journey as Motorsport UK.


Hugh Chambers

A short film has been produced to tell you more about the organisation and why the change is being made.

You can see the film here: (opens in a new tab)


issued 25/11/18


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