Test/Track Days

Our 2024 Aintree Test/Track Days are on 27th April & 17th August

Bookings open 5 weeks before each event.

(Sorry, the 27th April event is now full)

Follow in the tracks of Fangio, Moss, Hill and Stewart, and drive the famous Aintree Circuit.

We run dedicated sessions for Open Wheel Single-Seaters and Sports Racing Cars
Competition licences are not required.

See below for details of how to take part in our track days at the historic Aintree Circuit

Photo courtesy of Brian Taylor

Here’s a great YouTube video shot at the April 2023 track day, with interviews and in-car footage

Don’t miss your chance to drive on part of the historic
Aintree Grand Prix Circuit.
Join our Mailing List and we’ll send you an email as soon as the bookings go live for each Test/Trackday.
(We will only send you information about our events, we’ll never pass your contact details to anyone else)

Liverpool Motor Club members will receive advance notification of the date and time that our booking system will be going live. We reserve the right to give LMC members priority when accepting bookings for our track days. We don’t take bookings before our system goes live as all our officials are unpaid volunteers and they need time off between events too!

Liverpool Motor Club is not a commercial organisation but is a motor club run by volunteers.
We don’t have the overheads of an office or staff, and not one of our officials is paid. All proceeds from our motorsport activities are ploughed back into our events and help keep our booking/entry fees low. We aim to run safe, friendly events to the highest of standards for the benefit of motorsport enthusiasts. We don’t have any automated response systems, every contact you make with us will be handled individually by one of the officials that you will see at our events so please allow time for us to respond, especially at busy times.

Liverpool Motor Club – run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts!

Our test/track days are not restricted to members of Liverpool Motor Club and regularly sell out well before the closing date. By keeping to our tried and tested policy of running sessions, not open pit lane, with a maximum of 20 cars on track at any one time, we run events that are safe and enjoyable for everyone.


Photo Courtesy of Brian Taylor

Got a single-seater? We provide dedicated 10-minute sessions every 40 minutes (with no Saloon Cars) for drivers of single-seat/open-wheel/sports racing cars (and expert drivers in CaterhamWestfield-type cars).
A great opportunity to do some testing before your next event.   MSUK Competition licence is not required.

LMC Aintree Test/Track Days – basic information:

      • Fantastic value at only £160 per car and 1 main driver.
      • LMC members are entitled to a £10 discount and pay only £150
      • Additional driver in same group/session £35 – must be booked in advance
      • Passengers £10 each – pay on the day
      • All driver bookings must be made in advance, none will be accepted at the event
      • All cars will be noise tested and must not exceed 105 dBA at 0.5m from the exhaust at 75% max revs.
      • A drive-by limit of 92 dBA at 20m may also be imposed.
      • Sessions for:- 1. Novices, – 2. Intermediates, – 3. Advanced, – 4. Single Seat and Sports Racing cars
      • The event is fully marshalled with Licenced Race Rescue and medical personnel.
      • ARDS instructors are available FREE to provide advice.
      • The on-site cafe is open all day.
      • Sessions run continuously from 9.30 am to at least 4.00 pm with a 45min. break for lunch.
      • Aintree Club Circuit is 1.5 miles long, 35 feet (9.5m) wide and quick
      • Driving standards are monitored, and unacceptable behaviour will be acted upon.
      • The event is designed for sensible enthusiasts who don’t take themselves too seriously
      • Maximum 20 cars on track at any one time
      • It is the responsibility of participants to supply whatever safety kit they feel is appropriate to keep them safe. A suitable crash helmet is compulsory – Arms & legs must be covered, see ‘Important Information‘ below.
      • We do not supply, hire  or lend cars for participants to drive
      • Drivers must have a current full (not provisional) UK driving licence, or a current Motorsport UK competition licence (minimum InterClub).
      • All drivers must be aged 18 years or over
      • Important! If your car goes off the Circuit and damages the grass or ‘hardware’ of the adjacent Grand National or Golf Courses, including horse racing jumps, perimeter fences etc. the driver will be liable for the first £250 of the cost of repairing the damage.
    • When deciding which group to enter, consider how quickly you are likely to be driving compared with other cars in that group. Do not overestimate your or your car’s performance.
    • Group 1 (Novice). Quick – and will have some highly experienced drivers in it who choose this group because their cars are only moderately quick
    • Group 2 (Intermediate) Quicker – for drivers/cars quicker than in Grp 1, but not as quick as Grp 3
    • Group 3 (Advanced) Quickest – cars that are quicker still, mostly lapping at full race speeds
    • Group 4 Single-seaters and racing cars, plus selected advanced drivers in Lotus 7 type cars.
    • Pick a group that is likely to match your speed, not just your experience. If you book for a quicker group than the one you should be in, your enjoyment will be compromised as you will be concentrating on keeping out of the way of faster cars rather than enjoying your time on track.

We strongly recommend that every driver reads  A Lap of Aintree – Helpful Advice written by Aintree instructor, Andrew Whitehouse.
You will learn something, no matter how competent you believe you are!

Please do not overestimate your ability or that of your car by booking for the “experienced” group unless you really are quick on track. You will spend much of your time watching your mirrors and keeping out of the way of others which will spoil your day and could risk your and other drivers’ safety.


Read the Event Rules and Site Regulations
Then you must read the Drivers’ Briefing

and then the ‘Important Information section below about safety.

By submitting a booking, you agree to comply with our Event Rules and Site Regulations and acknowledge the details contained in the ‘Important Information’ section below.

 Then click on the BOOK TRACKDAY button at the bottom of this page. An additional driver to share your car in the same sessions can be booked at the same time online. If your 2nd driver wishes to go out in separate sessions from you, they need to apply separately. All drivers must be pre-booked, we do not accept any bookings for additional drivers on the day.

You can add up to two additional drivers per car online so please have the information for both drivers to hand before you start the booking process.

Please remember that the email address you give us on the booking form will be used to send you your acknowledgement so please ensure it is correct.

E-mail, fax or postal applications will not be accepted and under no circumstances will bookings be accepted on the day for any drivers.
For further information, please contact our track day entries coordinator Geoff Maine on 07366 330 457 (before 9 pm please) or by e-mail via the Trackday Bookings link on our Contact Us page.

Important information:

All cars must be mechanically and structurally sound and All participants must wear a correctly fitting fire-resistant crash helmet in good condition. Motorcycle helmets are not suitable. We recommend only helmets complying with the following standards: FIA 8860-2010, FIA 8859-2015, FIA 8859-2018, FIA 8859-2018 ABP, SA2015,  SA2020. Flame-resistant overalls and gloves are strongly recommended. Arms & legs must be covered (no T-shirts or shorts). Cars must be adequately silenced to max 105dBA (static). Rearview mirrors are compulsory. Passengers over the age of 16 years may be carried (one at a time) but they & the parent/guardian must have completed the appropriate ‘signing-on’ forms acknowledging the risks involved. The event will be fully marshalled and safety cover will be provided. Driving standards will be closely observed and the organisers will exclude anyone considered to be driving without due regard for the safety of themselves or other participants. The organisers do not provide any safety helmets or clothing. We recommend that track day participants use safety equipment that is at least as good as the minimum standard required for competitive motorsport. Cars must have a towing point of adequate strength at both front & rear identified using a contrasting colour.
Slick (untreaded) tyres are not allowed unless the vehicle is fitted with
an adequate Roll Over Protection System (i.e. Roll Cage/Roll hoop). Racing will not be permitted.

We regret that we cannot currently accept hybrid or fully electric vehicles with electrical systems at a voltage greater than 30v AC or 60v DC.

Video:- Aintree Sprint, Honda S2000, Sept 2010
Video:- Aintree Sprint, Radical PR6, Sept 2014

Aintree Club Circuit is located within the Aintree Grand National Course, approx. 5 miles north of Liverpool. Access is from Melling Road, not the main Racecourse entrance. From the A59, follow the brown signs for Aintree Golf Centre. See our Find Us page for Directions & Map

Camping is available overnight (free) on the evening before the event for 10 campervans and motorhomes with self-contained facilities. Spaces must be booked in advance. There are no WC facilities between 9 pm & 6.30 am. The gates are locked and the site is fully secured at 9 pm with no vehicular or pedestrian access or exit until 6.30 am Saturday. If you intend to camp/park a vehicle on-site overnight, aim to be at the venue by 8.30 pm Friday.

Motorsport is Dangerous and Can Involve Injury or Death.
Despite the organisers taking all reasonable precautions, accidents can happen. By attending a track day, you acknowledge this and confirm that you are aware of the nature of the activity and attend the venue at your own risk. Liverpool Motor Club may refuse access to, and eject from, the venue any persons acting against the interests of safety and/or whose behaviour is likely to cause damage, nuisance or injury. Neither Liverpool Motor Club nor any members/representatives of Liverpool Motor Club are responsible for any loss, damage or injury to persons or property caused or sustained by you as a result of attendance at this event.

The organisers retain the right to refuse to accept any application to take part in an Aintree Motorsport Event, without stating a reason and without recourse. Liverpool Motor Club members may be given priority over applications from non-members.

Group 1 is Full with reserves waiting.

Group 2 is Full with reserves waiting.

Group 3 is now full.

1 place left in Group 4.

Please do not overestimate your ability or that of your car by booking for Groups 3 or 4 unless you really are quick on track. You will spend much of your time watching your mirrors and keeping out of the way of others which will spoil your day, and could risk your safety and that of other drivers.


Link disabled due to event being full.

(Bookings for 27th April event opened on 24th March but is now full)

What happens next? After submitting your online booking, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application. This does not confirm that your booking has been successful.

Although we acknowledge receipt of all applications straight away, the formal confirmation of a successful booking may take a further 14-21 days to give us time to allocate drivers to the available spaces in the groups.
Liverpool Motor Club is not a commercial organisation but is a motor club run by volunteers. We are grateful for your patience.

Some small (but important) print!
We don’t hire out helmets, racewear, or cars. All bookings must be made in advance. We do not accept bookings from drivers on the day of the event. All participants agree to abide by the event rules and regulations here:  Event Rules and Site Regulations and drivers’ briefing here:  Drivers’ Briefing
Aintree is becoming an increasingly expensive venue to hire. We need about 15 cars in a group to make it viable, so we reserve the right to cancel or amalgamate a group if it is poorly supported. In the unlikely event that we have to cancel a group, we will give all affected drivers plenty of notice if it looks likely their group is being cancelled.
As event organisers, Liverpool Motor Club Ltd reserves the right to decline any application without explanation or recourse.


Your existing car insurance policy is unlikely to cover you whilst taking part in a track day. So unless you take out specialist cover, you will be on track entirely at your own risk. There are several providers of track day insurance and whilst we don’t recommend any particular company, drivers tell us that they have been pleased with the service provided by the following:-

Marsh Sport  <– Click to visit their website
Tel: 0113 394 2250 – (please mention Liverpool Motor Club when calling)


REIS Motorsport Insurance <– Click to visit their website


Moris.co.uk Track Day Insurance <– Click to visit their website

0203 427 5960

Page last updated: 15/4/2024