Registrations are now open for the 2024 LMC Speed Championship

February 28th, 2024 • By: Chairman Aintree, Barbon, Events, Hillclimb, News, regs, sprint

We’ve opened registrations for the 2024 Championship and have made some subtle changes that we think competitors will appreciate.

For more information and to enter, please see the Championship website HERE:

New for 2024:

We’re including events at the popular Kames Circuit in our calendar this year, so we now have rounds in England, Scotland and Wales!

There’s also a Champion of Aintree and Barbon award. Contenders in Division 1 and Division 2 will be entered automatically without an additional entry fee. So by taking part in just the LMC events, you could still be a champion!

Have you thought about joining other local championships too?
As a member of Liverpool Motor Club, you could increase your chance of winning an award by also entering the SD34 Sprint & Hillclimb Championship and/or the ANWCC Speed Championship. Most of the qualifying events overlap, so you could do well in any of the Championships without entering any extra events.

Just click the links below for more information.

SD34 Motor Sport Group
ANWCC (Association of North Western Car Clubs)


Page updated 28/02/2024

Entries are now open for all our Sprints & Hillclimbs

February 28th, 2024 • By: Chairman Aintree, Barbon, Bulletins, Events, Hillclimb, News, regs, sprint

We’re now accepting entries for all our Aintree Sprints and Barbon Hillclimbs.

For information about the Aintree Sprints, go to:
Or for Barbon Hillclimbs go to:

Like many motor clubs since the Covid-19 restriction, our events are not attracting sufficient competitors to cover the cost of running them, so we need your entry to help keep motorsport alive at Aintree.

We hope you will join us in 2024.  Sadly, the message is simple, use it or lose it!


The cost of running our sprints has risen dramatically in recent years. It now costs nearly £14,000 to stage a sprint at Aintree once you include circuit hire, medical cover MSUK event fees etc. And we have to pay for any track repairs on top!

Divide those expenses by the entry fee, and you will see that we need 110+ competitors to break even. Last year we averaged just 82 competitors at each sprint, so you can see we ran 2023 at a loss.

The venue hire at Barbon is not quite as costly, so we’ve managed to keep the Barbon entry fee a little lower again this year.

We know that nearly everyone is finding balancing their finances difficult at the moment. Liverpool Motor Club is run entirely by volunteers and does not benefit from any external funding. So, to continue delivering our high-quality events, we’re sorry but we’ve had to increase our entry fees again this season.

Please spread the word that to keep running motorsport events at Aintree and Barbon we need every competitor we can find. As we’ve said above ….. Use it or lose it!


JH 28/2/2024

Generations Rally, Oulton Park, 22nd March – help needed!

February 7th, 2024 • By: Chairman Events, News, Uncategorized

A highly popular award-winning event for historic/classic cars, the Generations Rally returns for its third running in 2024 and, as part of this year’s event, is visiting the rally/drift course at Oulton Park for three fairly high-speed tests.

As in previous years, this rally is specifically targeted at crews from different generations, encouraging the continuation of passion for historic motorsport.

Just like the Tour of Cheshire, we are helping Knutsford Motor Club by running the Oulton tests on the afternoon of 22nd March.

The entry list has been full since last November with ninety pre-1980 cars ranging from 1920s Bentleys to 1970s Porsches with Minis, Escorts and even a Capri and a Range Rover thrown in.

By the time they get to us, the navigators should have got the hang of presenting time cards too!

We need around 15 marshals to look after the starts & finishes, observers on the course, and marshals to direct cars to the correct start area as they arrive (cadet marshals are welcome in the pre-start areas). Can you help? Past experience isn’t necessary for most roles, nor are orange overalls. First Car approx 1pm, last car finishes by 5pm.

I know it’s immediately before NW Stages, but this would suit marshals who are not helping on the “modern” event the following day. We are especially interested in hearing from 4 people with experience of using Liege clocks.

Can you help? For a flavour of the event, see their promo video here:

Please contact LMC’s rally chief marshal Geoff Maine via the Contact page of this website:

John Harden, (Test Commander)


Have you renewed your membership?

January 29th, 2024 • By: Chairman Aintree, Barbon, Bulletins, Club Merchandise, Events, Hillclimb, News, sprint, trackdays, Uncategorized

Our membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December, have you renewed yours yet?

If you haven’t renewed yet, don’t leave it until just before your first event when things easily get forgotten!

Just go to our Membership page here:


Whilst there, check out our great range of official Liverpool Motor Club merchandise, or follow this link:


21st Tour of Cheshire, Oulton Park, 2nd March – You can help!

January 29th, 2024 • By: Chairman Events, News, Uncategorized

No photo description available.

We are running the tests at Oulton Park once again for Knutsford & District Motor Club’s superb Tour of Cheshire Historic Rally, on Saturday 2nd March.
The event will be visiting the Rally/Drift stage at Oulton twice in the morning with two tests on each visit.

Would you like to help?

We need around 20 marshals to look after the starts & finishes, observers to note any cars that touch a cone or go all 4 wheels off the course, and marshals to direct cars to the correct start area as they arrive. Can you help? Past experience isn’t necessary for most roles, nor are orange overalls.

The Timetable will be:
Signing on:   07.30 to 08:30
Test opens:  08.43
First Car:     08:58
Test closes:  12.27

Ok, it’s an early start but it’s one of the best events we help with!
We welcome all volunteers whatever their level of experience.

The event already has a full entry list: See the unseeded entry list here

For more info, or to volunteer, please contact LMC’s rally coordinator Geoff Maine 07854 807447 or  or see our Friends of LMC Facebook page here: