Results & Report for the June 2024 Barbon Hillclimb

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Results for the June 2024 Barbon hillclimb

Report for the June 2024 Barbon hillclimb will be here soon

The latest scores in the Liverpool Motor Club Speed Championship are available on the Championship website, here:

Results & Report for the May 2024 Aintree Sprint are here

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Results for the 25th May 2024 Aintree Sprint
Timekeeper’s data log including practice, 64ft times and speed trap (for info only, not part of the official results)
Report for the 25th May Aintree Sprint  (and previous events too)

The latest scores in the Liverpool Motor Club Speed Championship are available on the Championship website, here:

The results for all our sprint & hillclimb events over the years can be found HERE

29th June Aintree Sprint – It’s defintely going ahead, and we need you to spread the word!

May 30th, 2024 • By: Chairman Aintree, Bulletins, Events, News, sprint
Update, 30th June:
Having reviewed all our options, we have decided the 29th June Aintree sprint WILL definitely go ahead as planned, despite the potential of a significant financial loss.
In the 30 hours that followed 27th May’s announcement, we received a sudden burst of entries, taking the event to 50 competitors. We’ll still make a loss, but at least that loss is gradually reducing by £1000 for every 10 extra competitors.
We have been buoyed by the many messages of support you have sent – thank you so much, it means a great deal to us to know we have your sympathy and support.
So, whilst we are still highly unlikely to get anywhere near break-even, please continue to help us by encouraging potential competitors to enter the event.
In addition to the following invited championships:
Liverpool Motor Club Speed Championship
ANWCC Speed Championship
ANWCC/SD34 Sprint & Hillclimb Championship
Jaguar Drivers’ Club, 4-Hills & Sprint Championship
Longton’s Northern Speed Championship
MGCC Speed Championship
members of the following clubs are all invited to take part, whether or not they are contesting a championship:
Bentley Drivers Club
Caterham & Lotus 7 Club
Classic Marques Sports Car Club
Ferrari Owners Club GB
Kirkby Lonsdale Motor Club
Longton & District Motor Club
MG Car Club
Morgan Sports Car Club
Sevenoaks & District Motor Club
Sheffield & Hallamshire Motor Club
Shenstone & District Car Club
Vintage Sports Car Club (VSCC)
Westfield Sports Car Club (WSCC)
Wigton Motor Club
Members of any club in the ANCC or ANWCC regional associations
See you on 29th June at Aintree!

IMPORTANT APPEAL 27th May 2024 – (See Update above)
Following a superb event last Saturday, we are now faced with an extremely tough decision regarding the 29th June’s Aintree Sprint.
To put it bluntly, we haven’t yet received enough entries to give us hope that we shall reach an acceptable number of competitors.
It currently costs approx £14000 to stage a sprint at Aintree.
The entry fee is £135 of which £32 goes directly to MSUK.
We need 120 entries to break even.
We have suffered a loss on every Aintree sprint since June 2019.
Since 2019, each sprint has lost an average of £3100.
IF we run with 50 entries in June, the event will lose £7000.
Even if we get 60 entries, we still lose £6000.
Clearly, this is not sustainable and we have to decide tomorrow (Tuesday) whether we should cancel the event and run a test/track day instead; (track days have lower overheads). (We feel we must run something in order to retain the date in the Aintree calendar).
So, dear competitors, if you intend to compete in the 29th June Sprint, please show your commitment by entering right away.
(If we do cancel, we guarantee to refund every entry fee in full, so you’ve nothing to lose)
After all these years toiling away to keep Aintree open for competitive motorsport, it’ll be a sad day if we have to cancel an event due to a lack of entries.
Rest assured, this will not be an easy decision to make.
John Harden, LMC Chairman
Use it or lose it!

Registrations are still open for the 2024 LMC Speed Championship

February 28th, 2024 • By: Chairman Aintree, Barbon, Events, Hillclimb, News, regs, sprint

Registrations for the 2024 Championship are coming in nicely following this year’s subtle changes that we think competitors will appreciate.

For more information and to enter, please see the Championship website HERE:

New for 2024:

We’re including events at the popular Kames Circuit in our calendar this year, so we now have rounds in England, Scotland and Wales!

There’s also a Champion of Aintree and Barbon award. Contenders in Division 1 and Division 2 will be entered automatically without an additional entry fee. So by taking part in just the LMC events, you could still be a champion!

Have you thought about joining other local championships too?
As a member of Liverpool Motor Club, you could increase your chance of winning an award by also entering the SD34 Sprint & Hillclimb Championship and/or the ANWCC Speed Championship. Most of the qualifying events overlap, so you could do well in any of the Championships without entering any extra events.

Just click the links below for more information.

SD34 Motor Sport Group
ANWCC (Association of North Western Car Clubs)


Page updated 12/05/2024

Entries are open for all our Sprints & Hillclimbs

February 28th, 2024 • By: Chairman Aintree, Barbon, Bulletins, Events, Hillclimb, News, regs, sprint

We’re still accepting entries for our Aintree Sprints and Barbon Hillclimbs.

For information about the Aintree Sprints, go to:
Or for Barbon Hillclimbs go to:

Like many motor clubs since the Covid-19 restrictions, our events are not attracting sufficient competitors to cover the cost of running them, so we need your entry to help keep motorsport alive at Aintree.

We hope you will join us in 2024.  Sadly, the message is simple, use it or lose it!


The cost of running our sprints has risen dramatically in recent years. It now costs nearly £14,000 to stage a sprint at Aintree once you include circuit hire, medical cover MSUK event fees etc. And we have to pay for any track repairs on top!

Divide those expenses by the entry fee, and you will see that we need 110+ competitors to break even. Last year we averaged just 82 competitors at each sprint, so you can see we ran 2023 at a loss.

The venue hire at Barbon is not quite as costly, so we’ve managed to keep the Barbon entry fee a little lower again this year.

We know that nearly everyone is finding balancing their finances difficult at the moment. Liverpool Motor Club is run entirely by volunteers and does not benefit from any external funding. So, to continue delivering our high-quality events, we’re sorry but we’ve had to increase our entry fees again this season.

Please spread the word that to keep running motorsport events at Aintree and Barbon we need every competitor we can find. As we’ve said above ….. Use it or lose it!


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