Covid-19 Restrictions 24th April Aintree

February 25th, 2021 • By: Chairman Aintree, Barbon, Bulletins, Events, Hillclimb, News, regs, sprint, trackdays

We regret to advise that in accordance with the latest Government restrictions, spectators will not be allowed to attend the 24th April Aintree Sprint.

We may also be required to restrict the number of people accompanying each competitor.

Face coverings will be compulsory for everyone attending the event, except when wearing a crash helmet.

2m social distancing will compulsory at all times


As we learn more, we shall update this information with details of the restrictions applicable to each event.

Thanks for bearing with us.



Last updated 25/2/2021

New Intro-Class for Sprints

February 18th, 2021 • By: Chairman Aintree, Events, News, regs, sprint, Uncategorized

To help encourage drivers new to Sprinting, Motorsport UK has announced the Intro-Class, an additional category under the Standard Production Car heading.
The class is designed for absolutely standard 2 wheel drive road-going cars manufactured after 1/1/2000, with engines of under 2 litre. Race suits and gloves are not compulsory, and only very minimal changes to the car are allowed.
Whilst Standard Production Car regulations still apply, drivers can compete in Intro-Class on an RS Clubman licence, which is currently free.

Drivers intending to compete in the Intro-Class should note that their cars must comply with all of the regulations S11.1 to S11.4 for Standard Cars (see below), and also regulation 8 of the Supplementary Regulations for LMC events which states:
SR8:  Times recorded by cars in the Intro-Class will not count towards any championship.

Extracted from the 2021 Motorsport UK Yearbook, updated 19th January 2021

Section S – Sprints & HillclimbsRegulations for Standard Cars

11.1. Description
11.1.1. Standard Cars– Saloons and Sports Cars produced in
quantities of not less than 5000 per annum of unitary
construction, two-wheel drive and up to 2litre engine capacity.
The cars must be manufactured after 1st January 2000 and be
type approved. Any replacement components fitted must be a
Standard Part/Standard Pattern Part.
11.1.2. Cars must compete in an event in a road legal
condition as defined in 10.11.
11.2. Permitted Modifications.
Other than as detailed, no other modifications are permitted:
(i) Any FIA/MSA/Motorsport UK approved/homologated
safety equipment may be installed.
(ii) Brake friction material may be uprated.
11.1.3. Organisers may provide an Intro-Class which
will allow new drivers to experience competitive motor
sport on an event-by-event basis:

a) The RS Clubman licence is acceptable

b) The Class will run separate to any other session

c) The vehicle must run on List 1A tyres.

11.3. Forced induction equivalence 1.7.
Wheels and tyres
11.4. Standard wheels and tyres from List 1A only may be used.

There are more regulations that apply to all cars competing in Sprints, and these can be found in Section S of the Motorsport UK Yearbook here: MSUK Yearbook Section S

Registrations are open for the LMC Speed Championship

February 17th, 2021 • By: Chairman Aintree, Barbon, Events, Hillclimb, News, regs, sprint

Registrations are now open for the 2021 Liverpool Motor Club Speed Championship.

We’ve kept the registration fee at £17 for another year – we do hope you’ll join us!

There’s a choice from 25 rounds taking in all the most popular sprint & hillclimb venues in the North, North Wales and Midlands.

Simply click here to see the regulations and to enter.

2021 Championship registration cards and championship stickers will be sent out well before the first event in the championship calendar.

We hope you will support us as we try to get motorsport back on track!

Updated 17/2/2021


The Entry List is now open for the 2021 Aintree Sprints

February 17th, 2021 • By: Chairman Aintree, Events, News, regs, sprint

We’re accepting entries for our 2021 Aintree Sprints.

You can enter our events on-line with our quick & secure booking service. It’s the simple and safe way to enter our events – no paperwork involved!

Just click here to be taken to the Aintree Sprints Page for more details.
Enter online and you’ll avoid the risk of postal loss or delays, you will receive immediate confirmation that we’ve received your entry, & you don’t need a stamp or envelope.
And if you wish to enter more than one Aintree sprint, you can use the same on-line form without entering all your information again.

Don’t delay though…. some events may be full well before the closing date, so send in your entry in plenty of time!

Why not join LMC too?

Members of LMC are entitled to a discount of £3 off the entry fee for each of our events. If you enter any three LMC events (sprints, hillclimbs or trackdays), your total discount almost pays for your membership. Enter a fourth event and you are in profit. And membership entitles you to join our popular Speed Championship that allows you to select from over 20 rounds at 8 of the most popular Sprint and Hillclimb venues in the North, North Wales, and Midlands.

And, whilst you’re taking part in our speed events, you could be gaining points for one of the Association of North Western Car Clubs championships, &/or the SD34 Motorsport Group’s Sprint & Hillclimb Championship. See the links on our Aintree Sprints page.

Updated 17/2/2021

2020 Membership extended

September 6th, 2020 • By: Chairman Aintree, Barbon, Events, Hillclimb, News, sprint, trackdays

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Liverpool Motor Club was unable to run any events in 2020 at either of our Aintree or Barbon venues.

As a gesture of goodwill to our members, we are extending, without charge, current membership of the club by a full calendar year.  For example, a 1 year membership subscription expiring 31st Dec 2020 will now expire 31st Dec 2021 and a 3 year membership will be extended using the same principle.

Anyone joining the club after 1st August 2020 will also have their membership subscription extended as above.

Members won’t need to do anything to renew their membership and we won’t be issuing membership renewal letters this year. Instead, we will forward a new membership card to every member shortly.

Should you have any queries regarding your membership please contact the Membership Secretary via the link on our Contact Us page.

Thank you for your continuing support and we look to seeing you at our events in 2021.

Peter Ibbotson, LMC Membership Secretary

updated 1/9/2020