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LMC April Bulletin Available

The LMC April Bulletin is now available , please click on the following link to view and/or download; Bulletin April 2011

Towing Points

Please note that we require a towing point of adequate strength to be clearly identifiable on the front & back of all cars taking part in our sprint events. See the Sprint Regs page for full details. Though not yet compulsory, we are also asking our Track Day participants to comply, so please ensure that […]

Noise Testing at Track Days

After many years of judging acceptable sound levels “by ear”, we have been obliged to start sound testing (ie noise testing) at our Aintree Track Days this year. Starting with the May 2011 track day , all cars will have to pass a noise test and must not exceed 105dB(a) taken 0.5m from the exhaust […]