Barbon Hillclimb Records

The ‘National’ Class structure uses the current British Hillclimb Leaders classes

The Inter-Club Class structure used the current North & Midlands Speed Classes

(latest update – 12/6/2022)

The table below may not display correctly in some browsers, so you can download and print the list of class records HERE:

It has been quite a task to put together a list of class records as the official data for some years is missing, so we have had to re-create the missing data from published sources, rather than from the timekeeper’s original timesheets.

Note that over the years, the description of several classes, particularly the ‘Inter-Club’ classes, has changed several times; engine capacity splits have moved, extra classes have been added and others have been abandoned as demand has changed. We have assembled what we believe is an accurate set of records, using the classes that are in use now. Where classes have changed we have reworked the results so they match the current class titles. We hope this is the information that most people will be interested in.

Barbon National (ex-National A) Class Records
Length: 735 Yards (0.672km) Records updated 12/6/2022
Outright Hill Record: Jos Goodyear: 20.08 – 4th July 2015 – 1300cc  GWR Raptor Suzuki
Class Driver Year Time Car CC
A(i) Road Cars – Series Production up to 2000cc Michael Thompson 2021 28.45 Honda S2000 1900
A(ii) Road Cars – Series Production over 2000cc Chris Berrisford 2018 26.55 Subaru Impreza 2500T
B Road Cars – Specialist Production Allan Warburton 2012 26.19 Caterham K Series 1800
C(i) Modified Cars – Series Production up to 1400cc Eric Morley 2019 27.34 Hillman Imp 998T
C(ii) Modified Cars – Series Production 1401 to 2000cc Colin Satchell 2015 26.59 Peugeot 205 GTi 2000
C(iii) Modified Cars Series Production over 2000cc Damien Bradley 2021 25.66 Subaru Legacy 2330T
D Modified specialist production cars Andy Griffiths 2018 24.30 Caterham Hayabusa 1585
F Sports Libre Cars up to 2000cc Tom New 2000 23.25 Vision Vauxhall VB5 2000
G Sports Libre Cars over 2000cc David Grace 1991 22.78 Pilbeam Hart MP43 2800
H Racing Cars up to 600cc Phil Cooke 1994 24.92 Jedi Suzuki 500?
I Racing Cars 601cc up to 1100cc Robert Kendrick 2019 21.81 GWR Raptor 2 1024
J(i) Pre-1994 Formula Ford 1600 Racing Cars Phil Perks 2019 29.49 Royale RP26 1598
J(ii) Racing Cars 1101cc up to 1600cc Lee Adams 2012 21.31 GWR Raptor Suzuki 1600
K(i) Racing Cars 1601cc to 2000cc (normally aspirated) Trevor Wills 2005 21.93 OMS Vauxhall CF04 2000
K(ii) Racing Cars 1601cc to 2000cc (forced induction) Jos Goodyear 2015 20.87 GWR Raptor Suzuki 1300s
L Racing Cars over 2000cc Will Hall 2018 20.37 Force wh-xtec 1998T
M Pre-1972 Sports & Racing Cars Angus Buchan 2021 31.61 Terrapin Mk5 SR 1293
N 1972 to 1985 Sports & Racing Cars Jonathan Baines 2019 27.62 Royale RP30 1998

Barbon InterClub (ex-National B) Class Records
Standard Road Cars
SA up to 1400cc Phil Howarth 2021 34.56 MG ZR 1398
SB 1401 to 1700cc Daniel Head 2019 35.02 Suzuki Ignis 1500
SC 1701 to 2000cc Richard Waller 2014 31.89 Honda Civic Type R 1998
SD Sports cars up to 2000cc John Wadsworth 2018 33.46 Mazda MX5 1998
Road Cars – Series Production
1A Saloons up to 1400cc Martin Rowe 2009 30.96 Peugeot 106 Rallye 1360
1B Saloons 1401 to 2000cc Gordon Riley 2018 28.36 Toyota Starlet 1331T
1C Saloons over 2000cc Jonathan Mounsey 2018 26.15 Mitsubishi Evo 6 RD 1998
1D Sports cars up to 2000cc Gordon Riley 2014 27.15 Lotus Elise 1998
1E Sports cars over 2000 Adam Riley 2022 27.42 Honda S2000 1997S
1F Lotus Elise etc up to 2200cc Philip Wood 2022 33.56 Lotus Elise 1796
1G Lotus Elise etc over 2200cc Robbie Birrell 2019 28.17 Lotus Exige V6 Cup 3500S
Road Cars – Specialist Production
2A Kit Cars – Car engines up to 1800cc Michael Bellerby 2013 26.77 Sylva Striker 1600
2B Kit Cars – Car engines over 1800cc Howard Gaskin 2015 26.71 Westfield SEW 1998
2C Kit Cars – Bike engines Andrew Hargreaves 2015 27.59 Westfield SEiW 1998
2D Other Specialist production cars David McGeachie 2015 29.09 Noble M12 GT03 1998
Modified Cars – Series Production
3A Modified Saloons up to 1400cc Mike Hunter 2010 29.41 Rover Metro 1396
3B Modified Saloons 1401 to 2000cc Andy Larton 2015 28.15 Peugeot 106 LED 1600
3C Modified Saloons over 2000cc Chris Edwards 2022 25.79 Mazda 323 GTX 1800T
3D Modified Sports up to 2000cc Andrew Russell 2009 29.20 Ginetta G15 998
3E Modified Sports over 2000cc Simon Butterworth 2014 28.77 Porsche Boxter S 3500
Modified Cars – Specialist Production
3F Kit Cars (car engines) up to 1800cc Malcolm MacKey 2015 25.86 Sylva Riot Bingley Special 1340
3G Kit Cars (car engines) over 1800cc Mark Purdham 2015 25.33 MJ Engineering Hosson Bouler 2300
3H Kit Cars (motorcycle engines) Robert Bailey 2011 25.14 Caterham Superlight 1396
3K Other Modified Cars Will Jarman 2015 27.78 Ford Escort Cosworth 1998T
Sports Libre Cars
4A Cars up to 2000cc Ben Lovell 2015 24.21 OMS SC4CF 1600
4B Cars over 2000cc Douglas Thompson 2015 25.12 Pilbeam MP43 BMW 4341
Racing Cars
5A Up to 1100cc Robbie Birrell 2021 24.29 Force PT 1070
5B Pre-1994 FF1600 Cars Frazer Graham 2009 26.60 Van Dieman RF91 1600
5C 1100cc to 1600cc Mark Hemingway 2011 22.00 Force PS Suzuki 1140
5D 1600cc to 2000cc John Chacksfield 2011 23.02 OMS CF04 Vauxhall 1998
Classic Road Martin McHugh 2018 28.15 Morgan Plus 8 3900
Classic Race Peter Speakman 2014 28.26 FARM Alfa Romeo Special 2000
Pre-War Austin 7 Colin Danks 2010 34.52 Austin Seven Ulster Special 750
Rally Cars Will Jarman 2013 28.78 Ford Escort Cosworth 1998T
Over the years some classes have changed capacity, extra classes have been added and some removed. The earlier the record was set, the more likely it is that the class is technically different from the class that runs under that class description today.
The results prior to 2013 are given in good faith and believed to be correct, but some of the timekeeper’s original data is no longer available.
The results for 2013 and onward are obtained from the timekeeper’s original datasheets held by Liverpool Motor Club.