Marshals Championships you can join free!

There are two great championships that marshals can join right here in the North West.

The local SD34 Motor Sport Group marshals’ championship takes in virtually all the motorsport events run by its member clubs. There’s a whole range of different types of events that qualify, including rallies, sprints, hillclimbs, autotests and autosolos.

It’s free to enter and you earn points for each duty you undertake.
At the end of each year, there’s a trophy for the marshal with the highest points total.

To register, and claim points (within a month of an event),  see or just use the QR code on the image below.

The regional Marshals’ Championship run by the Association of North Western Car Clubs is even bigger and takes in events run by well over 120 motor clubs, not just in North West England but includes nearly every competitive car event right across the country and North Wales.

You claim points online after each event and there’s the potential of a superb trophy at the end of the year.

But that’s not all…..  there’s also a £25 monthly draw that is free to enter just by registering a marshalling duty that month. The odds of you winning are hundreds of times higher than the National Lottery, and it’s free to enter!

For information and to register, see

To claim your points online simply click HERE:

. ANWCC Points Claim


Page revised 14/2/2024