Results and Report for the June 2022 Barbon Hillclimb are available here

By Chairman • June 14th, 2022

Results for the June 2022 Barbon hillclimb

Report for the June 2022 Barbon hillclimb

The latest scores in the Liverpool Motor Club Speed Championship are available on the Championship website, here:


By Martin Walker on June 14th, 2022 at 9:32 pm

What a splendid day.

Thanks for putting up the results.

In the results the 2nd and 3rd split times seem very close, were they the start and finish of the speed trap by any chance?

Martin Walker

Hi Martin, so pleased you enjoyed the day at Barbon, despite the blustery conditions. The atmosphere was most pleasant and we seem to attract a reasonable crowd of spectators. Let’s hope they (and more) come back in July.
I’ve checked with the timekeeper and yes, you are correct, the 2nd & 3rd split times are the beams at either end of the speed trap. If you wish to work out your speed, the gap between the beams was precisely 18 metres. Kind regards John H


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