Covid-19 Information for Marshals (updated 25/6/2020)

By Chairman • June 27th, 2020

In consultation with the UK Government, Motorsport UK has given the green light to motorsport recommencing from 1st July. However, there are many complex issues that have to be addressed by organisers and all those taking part to maintain the safety of Marshals, Officials and Drivers through social distancing and the avoidance of cross-contamination.

Events taking place in July are to be run under Phase 1 of MSUK’s guidelines and we anticipate changes will be made in the light of experience over the coming months.

We recommend all marshals read the Phase 1 guidelines, whether or not you are attending events in July, and also the Q & A notes that should answer most of the questions that you may have.

What we don’t know at the moment is how the guidelines may change over time, nor do we know what extra requirements venue owners may impose that might affect the running of events.

You can read the guidelines here: Phase 1 Marshals’ Guidelines 9/6/2020

The Q & A notes can be read here: Phase 1 Marshals’ Questions 9/6/2020

Please remember that this is Phase 1 of the guidelines which are likely to be amended as experience is gained of running events.

Motorsport UK has published a comprehensive range of information about running all disciplines of motorsport whilst reducing the risk of Covid-19 infection. This can be found here: Motorsport UK – Restart 

We will update this post as and when we are notified of changes, so please keep coming back for the latest information.

updated 27/6/2020


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