July 2017 Barbon Hillclimb Cancelled

By Chairman • June 29th, 2017

Following an inspection of the venue this afternoon (29th June), it is with great regret that we have to advise that we have no option but to cancel this weekend’s Barbon Hillclimb.

There has been an unusually high volume of rain over the past few days which has resulted in the paddock becoming substantially waterlogged. Despite there being no further rain forecast until after the event, it is clear that the ground conditions will not recover sufficiently by Friday evening / Saturday morning to allow competing cars and their attendant vehicles, trailers etc to safely negotiate the paddock. Frustratingly, the course itself is in near perfect condition.

We have no doubt that you will share our disappointment at having to cancel and we can only apologise for making the announcement so close to the event, but we had hoped that things might improve in time to allow the meeting to go ahead.

We have already refunded all competitors who entered on-line and in the next few days will be mailing refunds to those who entered by post.

We are looking at ways of tackling the land drainage issues at Barbon as we strive to improve this spectacular and challenging venue for the future.

Competitors may be interested in an alternative event, the Scammonden Hillclimb being organised by Pendle District Motor Club on Saturday 12th August. See Pendle MC’s website for details of the event which is a round of The Liverpool Motor Club Speed Championship, Longton’s Northern Speed Championship, The 2017 ANWCC Speed/Hillclimb/Sprint Championship. SD 34 MSG Sprint &Hillclimb Championship. The Cross Border Speed Championship.

John Harden, LMC Chairman

updated 30th June 2017


By Simon Preston on June 30th, 2017 at 8:34 am

Very disappointed to hear this. We are home from New York for a week and planned our hire car, hotels, etc. around Barbon on July 1st

It is a real shame that Barbon had to be cancelled this year. Health and safety must be the priority at all times though… and Barbon is very prone to the elements.
To Simon Preston. Hope this might be helpful. The British Hillclimb championship visits Harewood Hillclimb, just north of Leeds, on Sunday 2nd July. Although it is not as spectacular as Barbon, which is my favourite hill by the way, it is a very nice hill with a challenging twisty lower half giving way to a fast upper section and a stinging hairpin at the finish. They also run a club event on Sat. 1st July as well. Hope this was helpful

By Timothy szajduk on July 1st, 2017 at 12:06 pm

hi I haven’t been for a long time and just seen a tv program farther brown and it had a Hillclimb on it and it reminded me about yours . so I looked today and seen there was one but had to be cancelled a shame could it not be run another day in July?

By Chairman on July 1st, 2017 at 9:28 pm

Unfortunately we are unable to run the event at later date in July. It takes around 6 months to organise an event these days, we have to find a date that doesn’t clash with other events, bring in a whole range of support services including doctor, rescue unit, timekeeper etc, obtain agreement from the land owner, publicise the event in order to gain competitors, and we need at least 60 competitors to make the event financially viable. The July 1st event was a round of the British Championship that only comes to Barbon because it visits Harewood the next day, so with Harewood’s calendar finalised for the rest of the year, we wouldn’t be able to get the BHC competitors.
So, whilst it sounds like a good idea, it isn’t practical to rearrange the event for another date in July. Sorry!

Hi, I would just like to suggest it may be worth considering organising the class B event earlier in the year, I live on the opposite side of the hill from barbon and raced at the first event this year although it was extreamly wet.
Generally the weather is a lot better in mid- late spring with some good periods of dryer weather, mainly because the wind can often be from the east and that doesnt bring in the rain.
In summer the weather is more unpredictable and we often get wet weather when the rest of the country soaks up the sun.

By Chairman on July 8th, 2017 at 9:48 pm

Hi David, thanks for your comments. You are absolutely correct about this year’s weather being so much better earlier in the year. For many years the events were held in May, June & July, the latter being the motorcycle hillclimb. After several years of the May event being disrupted by rain, we moved it to July seeking better weather, but the weather seems to have followed us. We really don’t know what is the best course of action. We could try moving back to May, but it would be our luck for May to suddenly become a wet month once again. You don’t happen to know someone who has influence with a higher authority to find us a guaranteed dry date?!! John H

The information that you have shared is very useful it is said to hear that this year the cancellation of the barbon festival but health comes at the priority position and your work is really praise worthy.


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