IMPORTANT MESSAGE for all drivers in Sports Libre & Racing Car Classes

By Chairman • February 29th, 2016

IMPORTANT MESSAGE for drivers in Sports Libre and Racing Car Classes

Rule S10.1.11. in the 2016 MSA Yearbook has been amended to require a “currently homologated FIA safety harness”.

The new wording is :

S10.1.11. Hill Climb Super Sports Cars, Sports Libre Cars and Racing Cars must be equipped with a currently homologated FIA safety harness complying with K.2.1.3 or K.2.1.4.

Under FIA homologation, harnesses have a finite life
This means that harnesses are now “lifed” from year of manufacture (not date of purchase) and all component straps must be dated and must be in-date.
This “lifing” is contained within the FIA standard and is not stated anywhere in the Blue Book. The rule change was published for consultation and agreed in 2014, and came into effect on 1st Jan 2016.

The FIA standard is five years starting on January 1 of the year following the year of manufacture, so if you purchase cleverly you can get up to 6 years life.

Please make sure that you have in-date FIA belts for your first event as, just like your overalls, helmet, etc, your belts will be checked at scrutineering. The scrutineers have no discretion; if your belts do not comply, you will not be allowed to compete.

Many thanks to Chris Mansley (MSA Scrutineer) for bringing this to our attention.


If you have any comments regarding the consequence of belts having to be FIA homologated (eg, it was not stated that this would result in belts having a finite life) then you should raise this directly with a member of the MSA Speed Committee, or the MSA Sprint & Hillclimb sub-committee ASAP. They are your representatives in the rule making process.


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