Threat to the Future of Motorsport

By Chairman • February 6th, 2017

You may have seen an article in MSA Extra (LINK HERE) regarding the implications for motorsport of the EC ruling in the Vnuk case.

The ruling requires third party damage and injury insurance to be in place for all mechanically propelled vehicles when used at any time, for any purpose and in any place. This includes all motorsport vehicles, both on the public highway and on private land when in use or even when stored. It is highly unlikely that leaving the EU will to allow the UK to avoid its introduction.

Currently all licenced vehicles used on the public highway must have third party insurance.  The Vnuk judgement extends this to vehicles which are not currently required to have third party insurance. This includes everything from electric bicycles, golf buggies, childrens’ quad bikes and ride-on lawn mowers, through to forklift trucks, agricultural machines and construction plant. Even static vehicles in museums and SORN’d vehicles would be affected as they have the potential for use.

All motorsport vehicles from karts, single seaters, saloons, rally, rallycross and cross country vehicles, even Formula 1 cars would be required to have compulsory third party insurance.

It is important to realise that this is not an item of forthcoming legislation which can be lobbied against or amended within the EU, but an actual ruling of Europe’s highest court, with no further avenues for appeal possible. The legislation is set in stone and cannot be changed.

The MSA is asking members to write to their local MP to make sure he/she is aware of the implications of the Vnuk ruling on UK motorsport should the Government not take appropriate action before it adopts the ruling.

There is also an on-line petition to the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, that has already attracted over 11,000 signatures and whilst the MSA has stopped short of asking people to sign it, doing so will help force the matter to be debated in Parliament.

The petition can be found HERE and we encourage as many people as possible to sign it, not just competitors or spectators but all those who value the future of UK motorsport.

Don’t leave it to someone else, your involvement is needed now to secure the future of our sport.




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