Marshals Needed

By Chairman • September 28th, 2014

We need marshals for all our events at Aintree and Barbon as without marshals, motorsport can’t take place.

Can you help?

Our Track Days are not MSA events, but we run them to exactly the same standards as our MSA Sprints and Hillclimbs, so we need marshals at every event to ensure everyone’s safety.

Previous experience is useful, but not essential as you will be placed with an experienced marshal. If you’d rather not help track-side at a marshals’ post, you can still help. People to look after the assembly area and to help on the start line are every bit as important.

Signing on at most events is 07.30 to 08.45, we finish at approx 17.15 with a 45 minute lunch break.

interested in finding out more?

Please contact our Marshals’  Co-ordinator- Pete Proudley – by clicking HERE to ask for more information or to let him know when you are available, or see our Marshalling section for more information




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