Greenpower Electric Car Races

By • August 4th, 2009


Zebedee – Sandbach High School’s multi-event winning car (Picture courtesy of Steve Wilkinson)

Don’t miss Greenpower!

The North West heats of the Greenpower Electric Car Races for Schools & Colleges is now an annual fixture each September at Aintree and is surely an event not to be missed.

After morning open practice, there will be two races, one for Formula 24+ teams (for 16-21 year olds), and one for Formula 24 cars (for younger teams, aged 11 to 17). Then there will be a further race for the Formula 24+ teams. In total, there can be as many as 45 cars taking part from all over the UK, and possibly teams from overseas too. There will no doubt be a fantastic atmosphere with over 200 students of all ages on site willing their cars along.

If you would like to help at this great event (and we are always short of helpers), please click here to contact John Harden (LMC Chairman) for more details. This event is particularly ideal for some of our less energetic &/or retired members and their friends. Marshals at most posts will be able to sit in their cars whilst undertaking their duties; particularly advantageous if we get a wet day, although we haven’t had a rainy Greenpower event at Aintree yet!

Having been to a few Greenpower events now, I am still blown away by the way the teams work together, the enthusiasm they show, and just how well behaved they all are. Quite different from the extremes that we are fed daily by the media!

Whilst these are all “home made” electric cars designed & constructed by schools, colleges & apprentices and speeds won’t be as high as we are used to at Aintree, we still see 45mph attained by some of the cars – pretty good for vehicles powered by a couple of 12v car batteries. Sandbach High School’s 2013 event winning car “Dougal” covered no fewer than 120 miles during the race, at an average of over 29mph including pit stops. Incredible!

Here’s a very approximate timetable:-
08.00-Signing on opens
09.00-Marshals briefing
09.30-10.30 Practice (60 mins)
11.00-12.30 Racing begins
16.30  Final chequered flag & clear up
18.00-Golf Course re-opens to public

Greenpower bring virtually everything with them for the event, timekeepers, event officials, etc. However, we need a minimum of 10 marshals to keep an eye on the track & to look after “our” venue! We will also need to prepare the venue by setting out cones, & erect banners to advertise LMC and to give the event some atmosphere. Can you help? We already have a few regular volunteers but could do with a few more. No motorsport experience necessary and there is no need for orange fireproofs! If you can help, or know someone who may be interested in coming along to assist with this event, please send a message to John Harden through the contact page on this site.
The more people we get, the better it will be for all of us and we may be able to move people about whilst the racing is underway.

This is event particularly ideal for some of our retired members and their friends. Marshals at most posts will be able to sit in their cars whilst undertaking their duties or, if it’s a nice day, bask in the sunshine in your favourite garden chair – if you bring it with you!

If you know of a school that isn’t already involved, let them know that Greenpower is an official part of the national curriculum and that they too could be involved next year. Why not get them to bring a representative to Aintree in September to see what it’s all about!

If you would like to bring a competition car along to show the participants what they could be doing as the next step after Greenpower, do let us know. (Static display only)
For more info and to keep up to date with Greenpower, have a look at their website:-

John Harden



Great! Glad to see you’ve used a photo of our car!
Looking forward to the race on the 10th, should be a good circuit for Greenpower cars.
If you’re interested, our website has info about all our schools cars.

By Ian Grant - Institution of Mechanical Engineers on September 14th, 2008 at 9:16 pm

Many thanks to everyone at Liverpool Motor Club for organising a superb event. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves – You even managed to organise the weather!


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