LMC Bulletin

The Club is proud to publish its own newsletter, the Bulletin.

Over 90% of members have now elected to read the Bulletin on-line, and they receive an email notification when each new edition is ready to read. Those who don’t read it on-line still receive a hard copy of the publication through the post.

The Bulletin is wholly dependent on contributions from members, so if you can help by sending in news about a forthcoming event, one you have taken part in, information about anything related to motorsport, or maybe an article about you or your car, please contact the Editor or see the latest edition for more details.

The most recent copy of the Bulletin is initially available to members only, until the next one is published. Previous editions of the Bulletin are archived and can be read by any visitor to the LMC website.

Occasionally, if we have urgent news to send out, members may receive an extra email news-sheet called SpinOff, though we are pleased to say that now most members have elected to read the Bulletin on-line, SpinOffs are few and far between!