How to Enter an Aintree Sprint

Entries are closed for our 2017 Aintree Sprints, but we have left this page here so you can see what’s involved in entering one of our popular events.
We shall re-open the booking service in late January for our 2018 Aintree sprints which will be held on 28th April, 30th June and 1st September. Will you join us?

There  are two ways of sending in your entry for an Aintree sprint:-

1. Enter & Pay with our secure on-line service:

By entering, you agree to comply with the 2017 Sprint Regulations. This version of the Regulations is for use use only with our online entry service.

If you’re not an LMC member, you can still claim the member’s discount by joining the Club. Just complete the online membership application form here:- Membership – Join Us (opens in a new window).  Then return here and click the  button at the bottom of this page to enter the event(s).

There is no extra charge to pay on-line, whether or not you have a PayPal account. The on-line entry fee is £107, and for LMC members is just £104.

You can enter more than one sprint at the same time without having to input all your details again. Please ensure that you tick the correct box(es) on the booking system to avoid entering the wrong event.

To enter online, just click on the BUTTON at the bottom of this page.

Why enter on-line? You’ll avoid the risk of postal loss or delays, you will receive immediate confirmation that we’ve received your entry, & you don’t need a stamp or envelope!
We use PayPal to process our on-line payments, but you don’t need  PayPal account – you can pay using your usual credit or debit card without additional charge.

2. Enter By post:

Download and read the Postal 2017 Sprint Regulations including Entry form. This is the postal version and includes the postal entry form, you can enter one or more of the Aintree Sprints on the same form.

Complete the entry form on your PC  for the event(s) you are entering before printing, signing and posting it to us, together with your payment. This method is slower, as you are relying totally on the postal service. If you are reading this you must have internet access, so why not use our on-line service to ensure we receive your application without delay –  it’s secure and available 24/7.

If you’re not an LMC member, you can still claim the member’s discount by joining the Club using our Membership Application Form.  Just complete it on your computer before printing, signing and posting it to us with a separate cheque for £10.00.  Or or why not quickly enter on-line via our membership page?

To download the forms you’ll need a recent version of Adobe Reader. If you haven’t got this, you can download it free from Adobe’s website.

Why not enter on-line? You’ll avoid the risk of postal loss or delays, you will receive immediate confirmation that we’ve received your entry, & you don’t need a stamp or envelope!


Save money and join LMC!

If you enter any three LMC events (sprints, hillclimbs or trackdays), your total discount almost pays for your membership. Enter a fourth event and you are in profit. And membership entitles you to join our popular Speed Championship that takes in over 20 rounds at 9 of the most popular Sprint and Hillclimb venues in the North, North Wales, and Midlands.



Requirement for towing points:
(All classes). Cars shall have suitable towing point(s) clearly identified and suitably marked using a contrasting colour, accessible from the front & rear.  The roll hoop will generally suffice for open single seater and open sports racing cars.

Our sprints comply with the North & Midland Recommended Classes and Clarifications
In 2009 LMC led a review of the plethora of event rules then in existence and developed a set of standard classes for Speed events. Our aim was to encourage competitors new to the sport with easily understood descriptions of a Standard Road Car whilst making the rules clearer for existing competitors and scrutineers. Since 2009, the clarifications have been further refined following very positive feedback from competitors.
Who is using these classes?
With very few exceptions, all clubs in the North West, North East and Midlands use the classes listed.  Some organisers add extra classes or amalgamate classes to accommodate local practice. The structure is voluntary so whilst we have requested that all clubs/championships keep to the same class numbering system, we cannot compel them to do so. If you find a club or championship that is not using the new structure, why not strongly suggest to the organisers that they adopt it, for the good of all competitors?

We believe that the only clubs in the North & Midlands that are not using our clarifications are those with events at Prescott, Shelsley & Loton Park.

Our on-line entry system will re-open in late January 2018.

Don’t forget, if you are taking part in events in addition to those at Aintree, you could be eligible for an award by joining the Liverpool Motor Club Speed Championship – the Best in the North West!

Live timings are normally available during the Aintree events from Resultsman

Invited Championships

See our Club Calendar page for the latest list of championships taking part in our sprints & hillclimbs.

last update: 20/11/2017